Breaking News: Deal Reached for Kidnapped Israeli Soldier’s Freedom

by IPT News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that a deal has been reached with the Hamas terrorist organization to bring home kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit. The two-stage arrangement would exchange a total of 1,027 Palestinian militants for the soldier that had been kidnapped in June 2006.

“There was great tension between bringing Schalit home…and maintaining the security of Israeli citizens,” Netanyahu said on Israeli television. He was also quoted saying “the window has been opened for a historic deal,” following a show of flexibility in negotiations by both sides.

Schalit’s freedom is a matter of days, Netanyahu said.

“We are waiting here like everyone else,” Schalit’s father Noam Schalit said Tuesday. “We are receiving updates, but we don’t really know anything new other than what has been published.”

As part of the deal, Israel agreed to first release roughly 450 terrorists, with another 550 to follow at a later date…


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