A View from the Arab Spring, towards the Following Summer

By Haim Harari

“…The relation of Israel to the events in the Arab world is entirely asymmetric. Israel, its
conflict with the Palestinians and any actions it takes, are either totally irrelevant or have a
very minor impact on the events in the Arab world. But the scorching “Arab Summer” that
will probably follow the “Arab Spring” may create serious problems for Israel. It is entirely
clear that the protesters in Bahrain, Tunis and Yemen, and even those in Cairo and
Damascus, could not care less about the Palestinians and are not spending a minute thinking about Israel. Only after the fall of Mubarak, the Egyptian Muslim Brothers tried to mobilizethe masses for “a march of a million” against Israel. The attendance was meager and the great march fizzled. This was followed by a fierce attack on the Israeli Embassy, by a relatively small group, with no great visible interest of the demonstrating masses. The
protests are entirely an internal affair of each Arab State, with no relation to the Israeli-
Palestinian dispute, and nothing that Israel might do, or avoid doing, would have the slightest effect on them. On the other hand, any power grab by the Muslim Brothers, an organization historically created with the active help of the Nazis, and committed to the annihilation not only of Israel but of the entire Jewish people, will not be good news for Israel. This topic requires a separate analysis, and we will not dwell on it here…”

Much more: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/home/harari/files/View%20from%20the%20Arab%20spring.pdf


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